How to Overcome Fear, Part 3

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Welcome back!

Did you do the brain dump and “what will happen if” exercises that we talked about in the last couple lessons? If not, you need to work on them ASAP. Like today.

That’s because you can’t move forward without completing those steps. Sure, you may surge forward and make some progress for a while. But eventually you’ll get stuck again. They’ll be blocks on your path to success. Those fears will hold you back. So be sure to do the exercises so you can truly move forward.

Speaking of which…

Now it’s time to choose that one goal that you’re going to start working on. I asked you to do this in the beginning of the course. If you’ve already done it, great! Read this lesson just to be sure you’ve selected the right goal. If you still need to choose a goal, however, then be sure to read every word of this lesson.

You may have a few goals in mind. At some point in the future you’ll be able to easily work on multiple goals simultaneously. For now, however, I want you to choose just one goal and work on that one goal.

Here’s why:

  • You won’t get overwhelmed. People often get overwhelmed when they’re trying to tackle just one goal. If you try to tackle multiple goals, you could be paralyzed into complete inaction.
  • You’ll be able to isolate fears and other blocks. If you tackle one goal at a time, you’ll be able to acknowledge and move past fears easier.
  • You’ll be able to give 100% of your time, energy and attention. And of course you’ll be able to achieve your goals faster when you work on just one at a time.

Now, the first thing to do is write down all the goals you’d like to accomplish. Next, put these goals under different categories, such as “career and money,” “health,” “self improvement” and whatever other categories fit.

Now ask yourself which of those areas of your life would you most like to improve. If you have just one goal in the category you select, then that’s the goal you should tackle first.

If you have multiple goals in that category, then use the tip I gave you several lessons ago. Namely, take a moment and imagine achieving your goals. Think about how you’d feel when that happens. Think about how you’d feel when you tell your closest friends and family members about your accomplishments.

Then ask yourself: Which goal gives you the most joy? That is, which one has the most passionate emotion attached to it? That’s the one you should choose to work on first.

But be warned: The goal that makes you the most motivated (because of the deep emotion and excitement surrounding it) can also be the goal that makes you stop in tracks with fear. In other words, because the goal is so important to you, a fear of failure may pull you back.

Don’t let it. Recognize those fears, acknowledge them, and brush them away using the exercises from the previous lessons.

That’s it for this time – next time you’ll learn how to make a “road map” to your goal!

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