How Creating a Sense of Urgency Boosts Productivity

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In this series of lessons you’re learning some deceptively simple (yet incredible effective) ways to become more productive. Let’s continue…

Creating a Sense of Urgency

Here’s the idea behind this trick: Creating a sense of urgency will virtually compel you to get more done in less time. It does work.

However, I also need to warn you: Don’t use this tactic on a daily basis. If you use this tactic frequently, you’re going to stress yourself out. That’s because you’ll constantly have the pressure of feeling like you’re trying to beat the clock or win a race.

As such, I suggest you pull out this particular trick whenever you need an extra productivity boost. For example, maybe you’re a little tired and you’re having a hard time getting focused. In that case, create a sense of urgency for yourself and let the adrenaline help move you forward.

Here then are a few different ways to create a sense of urgency…

Work on Battery Power

Do you have a laptop? And if so, does it only have a couple good hours of power before it powers down? If so, fire up your laptop, unplug it and race against time to see if you can get all your work done before the laptop battery runs out of power.

Another similar idea is to go someplace to work where you’re under a time limit. For example, go to one of those restaurants that have a two hour limit. Once again, race against time to see if you can get all your work done before your two hours are up.

Yet another way to do it is to work at a computer at the library. Generally, libraries put a one or two hour time limit on you, especially if their computer lab is busy. Just be sure that the computer you’re using has the software and access you need to complete your tasks.

Ask a Friend to Call You

If you have an accountability partner, you can ask this person to call you in an hour or two to ask about your progress. Otherwise, you may request a dependable friend or family member to do the same thing.

TIP: Just be sure that whomever you ask won’t “let you off the hook” by rationalizing or saying “it’s ok” if you don’t get much accomplished during that time period. Instead, you want someone who’s going to be a little hard on you if you tell him or her you didn’t get much done.

Make a Bet With a Friend

Instead of merely asking someone to call and inquire about your progress, you can make it more interesting while creating an even greater sense of urgency for yourself. All you have to do is bet your friend or accountability partner that you can get so much work done in the next hour or two. For example, you can offer to take your friend to dinner or even just give cash if you don’t do what you said you’re going to do.

That’s it for this time. Next time you’ll discover a surprisingly simple yet effective way to avoid wasting time!

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